Monday, April 22, 2013

Ten Things I like About You

ten things I like about you:

10. The first time I met you, I like your gondrong messy hair. I thought it was hot. It still does.

9. I like whenever you play bass. Watching you playing I felt like I want to.... nevermind.

8. I like how we can be silent while we're together. Knowing that being silent in a relationship is okay and normal, and just enjoying the presence of each other without saying anything.

7. I like how you made me laugh.

6. You looked cute when you're jealous, don't you know? Don't worry, I'm only yours to have.

5. I like that your heart is as warm as a thick blanket, as big as the ocean, I like how you always take care of me, planning all the best things that you can give to me. Thank you very much.

4. I like  every cuddling time.

3. I like how you are the first person whom I want to tell my everyday stories to, just like a brother. Like a best friend, like a family. I like how I can be myself whenever you're around,no need for make ups, cute dress, even good smell. I know you liked me for who I am, and what I looked.

2.I like everytime we prayed, you hold my hands and let my head rest on your shoulder as we prayed. And how you sealed the prayer with a kiss on my forehead.

1. I like everything that makes you you, otherwise I would love someone else.

Happy 3rd anniversary. Please love me again.

"Meski sering kali kau malah asyik sendiri. Namun tak kau lihat terkadang malaikat tak bersayap, tak cemerlang, tak rupawan. Namun kasih ini silakan kau adu, malaikat juga tahu, siapa yang jadi juaranya."

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