Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Blue June : Just Go Quickly

Hi, long time no see.. I've been busy with the incoming examination this month.

There's this funny feeling. You know when there's something wrong, and you always have someone who can back you up,made yourself feel better,or just be there and listened to you,then made you feel better?

I've been feeling a lot bad this month. Starting with exams, studies,family,money,even stuffs that I don't remember now. And the people that I love,doesn't change or go.

But I did.

I keep  texting, 'I wanna tell you something' but when I met you I just....can't. Lost it all in my throat. I keep thinking 'what's  wrong? why can't you just tell the stories like usual?'
and it keeps hurting myself,'why you kept it all alone,B?'

and here I am,writing this,hopefully will help this will somehow help me. and I wish so much... that tomorrow i can tell you ev what's wrong these days...

oh well. let's just accept this blue-june....

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