Sunday, April 22, 2012

22 April 2012

So,today is officially me & Martin’s SECOND ANNIVERSARY! Yay! So happy that even though we foght and hurt each other a lot, we still managed to get things through and still being together for two years,now.
Loving is not about chances, it’s about choices.

Loving someone for better for worse is a very hard thing to do. Trust me it’s never easy. But if the person is right, I think we will make the effort.

And to you, thank you, for being here.
For letting me and no other girl be by your side.
You are one God’s biggest present to me, and I love you. Beyond words.

Martin sedang pulang ke alor, NTT sampai dua minggu lagi.
And I felt sad. I mean, weird sadness..
Biasanya ditemenin makan dan bisa cerita-cerita.. sekarang engga. Jadi merasa ‘kosong’ atau ‘bingung’ karna biasanya dia selalu ‘ada’. Hehe got it? FYI, di alor gada sinyal.hihi

Semoga waktu nanti kamu baca tulisan ini, kamu senyum-senyum sendiri.
Habis itu traktir makan soto. =)

very first picture,2008

my birthday,2010


our NEW hair,2011

22 Okt 2011 His graduation

Surabaya,Nov 2011

Jkt, Des 2011

sleepy head

cut the cakee

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