Monday, April 02, 2012

Marvelous March

Tried to remember my March 2012,
1.     Got to go to Java Jazz Festival 2012, perform with Dira Sugandi and Ricky Lionardi Jazz Orchestra with Glorify the Lord Ensemble. Then on Sunday Service with GTLE too.
2.     Celebrate Mom’s 45th birthday with Martin also bought her present and cakes from my own salary.
3.     Won a first place of a writing a short story and got the present, which I’m pretty confused how I’m going to spend it, actually. But Martin helped me spend it.hihi
4.     And from point number 3, gaining new friends and readers. J
5.     Bought myself a smartphone.
6.     Spending Sunday’s sleeping. Just once, though.
7.     I only got one migraine strike this month, also got my period on time! Which proves I’m healthy,haha.
8.     Had fun with friends and Martin. Watched Indonesia hottest movie right now: The Raid!
9.     Helping Church’s Youth to arrange a seminar about Illuminati & Freemasonry. I think it got pretty good, and hopefully it will benefit the people who attend. Done some research myself too, and found some facts I haven’t noticed before. How the world is a dangerous place..  
10.   Got my salary raised,finally! Hehe
There’s the 10 Things In March 2012.. Waiting for April to surprise me.

That’s all friends, may GBU


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