Sunday, May 29, 2011

Surat cinta #15: Dear Future Children

I promise to go to every soccer game or dance recital.
I promise to try to be your best friend,cuddle you when you're 5,
say yes to every pet you want when you're 9,
play baseball at your 6th grade,
watch you put on make up for a guy in middle school,
see how you grow and punch other guys on their faces,
hear your prom kiss when you graduate from high school,
see you packing for college,
see you failed and rise again.
See you succeed and be at your wedding.

I promise to find the coolest dad ever,
who can teach you to play basketball
while in the night he tells you a hundred fairy tales.
A dad who can cook,and build a treehouse too.
Someone who can teach you piano lesson,and how to be a man.
Someone who will cheer at your football game,
and be mad when you got home late on school's night.

I promise Mommy and Daddy will love and take care of each other.
Not just for the first years--but forever--for better for worse.

I promise I am going to give you everything I wish I had growing up.

Promise that you will wait for me.


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