Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Farewell To You :)

Hi everyone! How's your 2012 so far? Before we get cozy I wanna share a bit of my 2011. ;) Hope this can help you reminiscing yours, too.

What I did/got in 2011 (the good things first):
1. Got a GREAT new year's eve with girlfriends. Watched fireworks, and ended up waiting two hours for a cab to get home. :p
2. Managed to stay out of the hospital. Yay! Since 2010 I failed. :p Even though I got thypoid on June and have to stay in bed for a week straight.
3. Met my Mom, after the years she spend in Wonogiri.
4. Got a scholarship from DIKTI. Thanks to Prita Laura and Marthin Saba for helping me out.
5. Got a job, a REAL first job. Yayness!! :D :D got a first REAL paycheck. ahaha LOL
6. Got a new perspective on things, people, moreover God.
7. Had a very special 22nd birthday because I spend it with mom and M.
8. Had a perfect new year's eve. Spent the 30th with mom and M, then spend the 31st with M and family. PERFECT. I couldn't be happier, really. You made me really happy,M. :)
*Oh, and I got my first-ever new year's kiss! :))
9. Bought many SHOES. :D I'm a shoe-addict,I think. And the most important thing, every cent of it is my own money.
10. Had a very much fun with Glorify The Lord Ensemble this year, especially December. I remember wearing pink legging, stripes shirt. and white sneakers for Glorify's 18 birthday back to 80's  :)
11. Saw my blog is read *three-digits-times* I thought no one has ever read it. LOL. and the most viewed (137 times) is titled "Balon Warna-Warni" please find it if you're curious. :)
12. I CUT MY HAIR SHORT after a long time. People said I looked cute :D
13. Going through really rough time managing Mom and her therapy, and felt really left behind by my family and M.
14. Lost: the scholarship because the university cancelled it. *sigh*
      My flashdisk. It really contains real-important files
      Lost some great people. And some people that my beloved ones care for. May they rest in   God.
      Lost 5 kilograms, not on purpose. Got so tired and stressed out, I think.

15. For the first half year, gone through a rough relationship. I'm glad we can manage it fine at the end, though.
16. Got my heart broken. Really deep. I don't think it's gonna recover anytime soon. Because I'm starting to build walls again.
17. Though there's good and bad, happy and hurt, I'm really thankful that I can manged things just fine and be right here where I am now. Thank you, Jesus Christ. I won't be here without YOU, and I love YOU so MUCHO. :D


I planned soooo many things on 2012, post it in just a bit ;)

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