Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Named CinderBella!

I always loved shoes better than any other things. 
Better than clothes, accessories, any kind of things you could wear.

And for me, shoes tell much about a person's personality and appraisal on things. 

And I'm going to have a big space on shoe-rack when I have my own place. :p

I'm keeping myself away from shoe-shopping now.
But these are some of my favorites from  iwearUP

Note: I already have the stella beige stripes, and I love all stella series. ;)

4. POLLY Floral Blue

Polly comes with a pocket, so you can keep and carry around your lucky penny the whole day. Polly loves cupcakes too. Do you?
3.  TREE purple
Tree is loved for her natural charms.
Purple tenun wedges in limited quantity. 
2. PANDORA fuschia
Pandora is a real sweetheart and always in love. Pandora loves to read too!
Black faux patent leather straps, velvet fuchsia trims and bows with black velvet wedges. 
1. KATE two-tone
Simple yet sophisticated. Kate is a fun, intelligent sweetheart.
Beige straps with black trim. Red canvas-wrapped wedges.

These are super cute too! But already sold out. :'(

Jane Red and jane batik-black.
Jane is the ultimate sweetheart who loves to sing and munch!

One day I'm going to have all of those, and buy it myself. :p

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